Dartmouth Virtual Office Center

As most start-up companies grow and expand, they seek a more permanent and professional location to service clients than the spare bedroom in their home. But the costs of opening and maintaining a working office is one of the costliest moves you can make. From furniture costs and filing cabinets to electricity and internet bills, the list goes on. This is why more people are utilizing a virtual office that provides all the aforementioned amenities at one low cost.

By leasing an office center, you have access to a permanent business address that will greatly accentuate your letterhead, website and business cards. You also have access to administrative assistants that can assist with word processing, proposals, reports, mailings, etc. all without having to hire your own staff.

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual office is the option to have a virtual receptionist to take your calls in a professional manner that will trick any caller into believing you hired them yourself. Connecting with a human voice is one thing that sets successful companies apart from the rest.

A virtual office is also extremely cost efficient, as it allows business owners the opportunity to experiment with new or short-term opportunities that require them to temporarily increase their resources. An office center also allows you to pay for what you use, meaning you have the option of renting daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. This is a lot less risky than investing in a permanent office location, especially if your business suddenly took a down turn.

Dartmouth Virtual Office Center

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